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My Waits…………………..

Sweet moments and cosy cuddle,
Cute chat and loud laughter,
Long distance but close connection,
Your whisper and my deep breath,
Kisses and happiness,
Caresses of the soul,
My sweet pain.
My fantasies and your face,
Throbbing heart and long waits,
Expectations and rejections,
Your empathy and my hope,
Boundless tears and aching soul,
My shelter and your chest,
Deep sleep and my waits.


Beautiful moment I experienced ever..

I stormed out of my house
To quarrel with you.
But even before I could
See your face,
I found myself in your arms
Gently embraced.
Though I liked it
But still, I had to fight.
I maintained a good distance
And tried not to make a good exchange.
You asked me, what’s so wrong?
I answered that’s none of your concern.
Don’t ask silly questions
Of which you already knew answers.
Things started changing like magic
After that.
I got embraced by you forever,
The most beautiful moment I experienced ever.

Ravished emotion

Standing infornt of you,
Bare and naked.

Eyes still and cold,
staring at you,
But not with hope.

She is empty from inside,
Nothing to give,
Neither pleasure nor grief.

Purity of the virgin,
Had been sucked out,
Little soul had been,
Beaten and abused,
She cried and screamed,

But there was no escape.
Covered with blood,
She stares at you.

Is he the Devil who came to kill her,
Or the Saint who came to heal her?

Where is the only piece of cloth,
She had?,
Not the reputation,
But the respect she used to wear?

The changed me……

I started seeing you

As the friend, philosopher and guide.

You started seeing me

As The best future wife.

All I wanted you to be protective,

possessive and caring.

All you wanted me is to be changing.

I wanted you to love the real me,

You wanted to love the “perfectly changed me”.

Now, see I have changed a lot,

Now you miss the real me.

But I am happy with the “changed” me.

But sorry, now I failed to love the real you.

All I could do is to forgive you,

Though I miss the old real me.

Well I am thankful to you to show me

the other side of me.

Hope, you will able to forgive

The changed real me,

For not able to love’

the old real you.

Though I tried

But I failed to love the real you.


Today after a long time,

While having tea,

In the little tea stall,

In front of my house.

The morning breeze,

Touched my face.

Swaying way all disgust I had.

I wish I could have,

Seized it for lifelong,

But I knew it’s impossible.

It’s the beauty of the summer breeze,

That it loves me with all compassion,

Freedom and gentleness.

I knew it would have never done the same,

If I would have able to seize it.

I too will love you back with Care, open-heartedness and free-will

Freeing myself from all selfish attachment and greed.

And I know that you would always love me back

And I continue seizing your love in my heart.

The Adventure Spirit

You are the changing endless sky,

A mountain of hope standing nearby.

You are the memory innocent and pure,

That heals the wounded heart and the only cure.

You are the song that flows like stream,

From the valleys to the ocean of dreams.

You are the emotion that runs fiercely like horse.

Sometime leaving me sad and morose.

But you are the shoulder that never let me weep,

The sacred place for my heart to keep.

Have You Felt The Same?

We are walking together
Through the crowded street
Both silent,
Finding words to speak.

I wonder,
It never happened
Before When I used to call you,
Just a good friend.

Though I know both of us
As a chatterer
But why aren’t we comprehending today?

When you asked me, “How are you?”
I replied,”Absolutely fine.”
In a usual happy tone.

I wish I could have said
How much I  missed you
When you were away.

Though I wanted to,
But didn’t hold your hand.

Now we have started talking,
About anything and everything around.
Even after that, a silence prevails between us.
Oh! I wanted to say so much to you but didn’t.

I wanted to hold you
But didn’t dare to.
Now the only question,
For which I really looking for an answer is that,

Have you felt the same?