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All that I want……

All I want is to be free,

Free to be real,

Free to be honest,

And enough free,

To express me.

All I want is to listen,

Listen to my own voice.

Arranging those scattered words,

I want to write,

Write songs that define me.

All I want is to dance,

Dance on music,

That comes from the heart.

Dance in the rain,

That purifies my soul.

All I want is to be understood,

Unjudged and loved.

All I want is to be loved,

And love to the extent,

that fills me with blissful joy.


I made love with life….

Today when I opened my eyes,

I found myself drenched

By your love.

I still could feel the scent of

The fresh sweat of yours.

I still could hear your magical heart beat,

Creating melodious jingle.

I could feel myself getting

Purified by your holy kisses.

You have remained all over me.

I could feel every bit of you.

The way you made love with me,

Had Left me chaste.

I could find myself in the pristine form,

Covering myself with you

As the holy robe.