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For the Women and mothers…..

As a child I had always felt the absence of my mother.I lost her at a very early age. I even know people who have lost both their parents.But truly unlucky are those ,who have both but their parents got separated. Everyday in court I hear stories about divorce and separation.Breaking marriages have become so common now a days. I am not writing this as a lawyer.I am writing as a child who knows how it really feels like to grow up with single parent. I am writing this as woman who dreams to have family that would help her raise a children in a healthy environment. Right now I would prefer not to be a feminist. Rather I would suggest the ladies to think about it for a while. I want to make you feel that we have great responsibilities to give birth to a new generation and raise it. Therefore ladies, I request you that at least for the sake of your children avoid unnecessary arguments with your in-laws. I am not a married woman but have seen instances like divorce and separation and the bad consequences faced by the children. Losing a mother and losing a father brings about two different kinds of struggles in a child’s life. Act of god or natural death are unlucky events but seeing your parents arguing and getting separated are unacceptable. Whenever a lady first moves * to her in-law’s place, she consider her husband as the only dependable person there, who would care for her and understand her. It is also her duty to consider his parents as her own. Most of the marriages break because the wife wants to stay separate with her husband forcing him to leave his parents. Just think about the child.Children generally grow up well with their grandparents,uncles and aunts around. Today most girls had to go out working leaving their children at home alone or with maid servants. Sometimes this become unfortunate for the children and they become an all time loner lacking the capability to adjust. And when they grow up,they abandon their parents too. Today’s parents are capable of buying good education for their children but they deprive them from obtaining good cultures and values. Grey hairs bring culture with them that helps a person to develop a personality and humanity. So can’t we adjust a little bit. If you really consider your spouse as your better half, can’t you think in this way, that one half of you had been brought to earth by your parents and the other half by his and that is what makes you complete. Mother-in-law is not just a mother-in-law, she is in fact your own mother who has given birth to other half of you. On the other hand the men should also understand their wives, her fears, insecurities and all other adjustments she requires to make. You are her only strength in an unknown world called family. It would really be great if you eradicate your male ego and be more understanding. A man gets all his life to know and understand and experience the world but a woman get only few years of her life before marriage. And then the woman inside her should work but mother within her should stay at home. So it is required for all girls to learn more at an early age. If a mother is more experienced, she can use all her experience to build up a new generation because mother is the first teacher a child gets. So, if the mothers are not enough learned and experienced, she won’t be able to give enough to her child. On the other hand father’s life is a inspiration for them. So, it is very important for parents to set an example in their child’s life and it comes from how you treat each other and also the grey hairs of the family. Now, I would request the lawyers to help negotiate the problems between the couples who come to them before advising separation. They come to us for relief. Court can always offer some monetary relief, maintenance, alimony but can never mend a broken marriage or a broken family. Lawyers should be the one who should help the society grow and not to destroy it. Therefore, for the sake of some little money don’t encourage judicial separation or divorce until and unless all roads are closed.