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All that I want……

All I want is to be free,

Free to be real,

Free to be honest,

And enough free,

To express me.

All I want is to listen,

Listen to my own voice.

Arranging those scattered words,

I want to write,

Write songs that define me.

All I want is to dance,

Dance on music,

That comes from the heart.

Dance in the rain,

That purifies my soul.

All I want is to be understood,

Unjudged and loved.

All I want is to be loved,

And love to the extent,

that fills me with blissful joy.


In Search of the lost motivation..

Hope you are not deaf?
Then hear my cries.
Hope you are not dumb?
Then answer my questions,
Hope you are not blind?
Then see I am bleeding.
Hope you know,
I am searching you for so long?
Then stop this hide and seek.
Hope you know I am sinking?
Then make me swim,
Hope you love me?
Then show me a glimpse of you.

Because a glimpse of you,
Is truly you as a whole.
Show me yourself and I will continue.
Help me find you,
Help me win or else you would lose.

I exist because I believe,
That you too exist for me.