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All that I want……

All I want is to be free,

Free to be real,

Free to be honest,

And enough free,

To express me.

All I want is to listen,

Listen to my own voice.

Arranging those scattered words,

I want to write,

Write songs that define me.

All I want is to dance,

Dance on music,

That comes from the heart.

Dance in the rain,

That purifies my soul.

All I want is to be understood,

Unjudged and loved.

All I want is to be loved,

And love to the extent,

that fills me with blissful joy.


I made love with life….

Today when I opened my eyes,

I found myself drenched

By your love.

I still could feel the scent of

The fresh sweat of yours.

I still could hear your magical heart beat,

Creating melodious jingle.

I could feel myself getting

Purified by your holy kisses.

You have remained all over me.

I could feel every bit of you.

The way you made love with me,

Had Left me chaste.

I could find myself in the pristine form,

Covering myself with you

As the holy robe.

Life, A game of chess…

I never chose to play,
But you did.
Yours was the white pieces,
And mine was the black.
Your choice was made,
And I just played
The unwanted game.

Now Seeing my pawn getting promoted,
You want to stop.
But it is not me anymore playing,
Face the grand master.
He was the gamer
And we were the pieces,
And this is how,
The Grand Master plays.