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I made love with life….

Today when I opened my eyes,

I found myself drenched

By your love.

I still could feel the scent of

The fresh sweat of yours.

I still could hear your magical heart beat,

Creating melodious jingle.

I could feel myself getting

Purified by your holy kisses.

You have remained all over me.

I could feel every bit of you.

The way you made love with me,

Had Left me chaste.

I could find myself in the pristine form,

Covering myself with you

As the holy robe.


My Waits…………………..

Sweet moments and cosy cuddle,
Cute chat and loud laughter,
Long distance but close connection,
Your whisper and my deep breath,
Kisses and happiness,
Caresses of the soul,
My sweet pain.
My fantasies and your face,
Throbbing heart and long waits,
Expectations and rejections,
Your empathy and my hope,
Boundless tears and aching soul,
My shelter and your chest,
Deep sleep and my waits.